Saturday, 17 July 2010


In recent years a number of people have come to realise that it would make a lot more sense for Women to rule the world. Some are famous men like the Dalai Lama, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Billionaire Ted Turner, Author Martin Amis, and film director Michael Winner.

"Western women can come to the rescue of the world", said the Dalai Lama in a speech, “Some people may call me a feminist....But we need more effort to promote basic human values -- human compassion, human affection. And in that respect, females have more sensitivity for others' pain and suffering.”

Archbishop Desmond Tutu in an interview also said, “Women should Rule the World.”

Billionaire Ted Turner,(ex-husband of Jane Fonda), also said, "I've said for years and I'm really serious about it, I think men should be barred from holding public office for a hundred years. They have been running the world for the last thousands of years and they've mucked it up something awful.' I built my business surrounding myself with women. I find women more superior to men in business-"

"World ruled by women would be a better place," says author Martin Amis,"“I have a dream. I see a day when politics is feminised, where female values move into the public sphere in a way they haven't quite done yet,”

Film director Michael Winner, recently said in a newspaper article. "Men are ridiculous. Women are far better people. Much wiser (not difficult) and with a temperament to deal with life's complexities and men's abrasiveness... So I think it's about time women took over. What they have to put up with is beyond belief. Pathetic, bullying men who throw their weight about (and there's usually a lot of it) in a vain attempt to prove they're superior when, in truth, they know they're not."

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