Thursday, 16 September 2010

Why Women Should Rule The World

By William Bond
First published in 2004 by PublishAmerica under the title: Make Love Not War
Published by as both a E-book and printed book at. -

I wish to thank Pamela Suffield, Kazz, Dianna Vesta and Jess Cormack for all the help and encouragement they gave me in writing this book.

Famous Men Who Want Women To Rule The World


Sometimes Unwilling Guru said...

Fascinating,Im going to continue on to read the rest,Im working on a unit of study,Gender Culture and History,your book is making it easier to comprehend

RD said...

Women will pretty much "rule" our world before the end of this new century. The reasons are simple: the educational attainment of each generation of women exceeds that of the preceding generation. The average educated woman expresses herself better in writing than the average educated man. Advanced economies are based on office work, and the average woman is a better office worker than the average man. Meanwhile, the willingness of young men to master challenging abstract material is declining by the year.

Finally, there is the vast increase in our understanding of women's sexual and reproductive biology. Maternal mortality is effectively gone, women can carefully time their pregnancies, and they are no longer embarrassed to take control of their own orgasms.

Will this improve the human condition? In some ways, probably. Many middle aged men in positions of authority seem to have a problem with money and sex. Will women in charge lead to a sea change? I doubt it. Women seem, so far, to be relatively immune to a wide range of male vices. But I know of one exception: the lust for power. And Lord Acton's dictum will always hold: Power corrupts. A revealing detail. When the founder of American feminism, Betty Friedan, would attend an international feminist conference, she demanded that the conference organisers pay for a stretch limousine to transport her from her airport to her hotel. Standing on ceremony, pulling rank, and putting on airs will prove very durable human failings. Another detail. For almost every of the past 20 years in the English speaking countries, a woman high school teacher convicted of sexual intimacy with a male student. Often, the teacher is married to someone of her generation.

Watch the outcome of the Strauss-Kahn trial. This could prove to be the Battle of Midway of feminism. Seeing newsphotos of the phalanx of angry housekeepers of colour that he had to face when entering the courtroom, drove home the truth of the words engraved at the base of the Statue of Liberty, personified by a woman. Those words were also written by a woman. Toqueville's Democracy in America attributed American exceptionalism to the freedom and forthrightness of its women.

Tomas Mnet said...

Why Women - Not Should Rule The World?
- It's dangerous. Matriarchy existed in prehistoric times and: